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Complete or Partial Dentures?

There are two types of dentures: complete and partialComplete dentures are used when you’ve lost all your teeth in either the upper or lower arch. A conventional denture can be used after about 3 to 6 months after your teeth have been removed and your gums begin to heal. Instead of having to go toothless during that time, an immediate denture can be installed right after the teeth have been removed. When going with an immediate denture, then inside of the denture will need to be “relined” to fit the healed gums around 6 months after removing the teeth. Partial dentures are used when you still have some natural teeth remaining in the upper or lower jaw. These dentures fill in the gaps made by the missing teeth, and they also keep your remaining teeth from shifting in their position.

Dentures can last for many years, but you should know to take care of them properly. Normal wear on the denture may also require some readjustments and repairs.

There can be lots of advantages to wearing a partial or complete denture, as opposed to just going without teeth. For one, it gives a vastly improved smile that helps you become more confident when you meet new people. It also makes you look more attractive because toothless gums can cause your cheeks to sink inwards and result in facial wrinkles that will make you look older.

Dentures can also give you more freedom to eat what you want vs. eating with broken or missing teeth. You’re no longer plagued by tooth sensitivity because your false teeth are not attached to any nerves. This allows you to eat without feeling any pain. They can also enable you to eat harder foods that were previously difficult to eat. You can also chew your food more effectively.

Having them made is a process that takes time if you are looking for good fitting dentures. Having them made in one day usually leads to many problems with the fit of the partial or complete denture.

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